Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life plays with you or you play with life either way its the same..!!!

Hii I am writing this blog for the people who love me and care for me..God Bless Us.

Everyone wants a happy life and I wish they get, but sometimes life leads you to a crossroad, where you have to choose among the people you love or among the people who loves you.
At that time you feel like stretched to the nth level, we don't know what to do at that time Always we choose the people who can't live without us..
But, after we realize that we lost those people without whom we cant live we are not happy at that time but we try to mollify ourself and pretend that we are happy but ,when we come to know that the person whom we left and loved..reciprocated the same love for us and now they are lonely just waiting for you.
But, Its been too late. At that time you have already left the crossroad behind and chosen the path which you now think, you shouldn't have chosen.
But I guess life is like this only full of crossroads, Whatever path we choose we should be happy about it, because life is ultimately all about reaching the final destination and cherishing the journey not the destination.
If we believe in fate and destiny then we must believe that whatever happens, happens for a good reason.
The path we choose is predeclared and we are destined to follow it So, friends never do something for which we regret or never regret for something you have done.
Because, We are God's creation. We are behaving, reacting and living the way it should be. There is nothing like personal will, we are chosen to just pass this journey called life and spread happyness. We should not escape from this because its GOD's WILL..!!!

Thanks for being a part of my journey..!!!