Wednesday, February 6, 2013


When you are in relationship you do everything right to make it successful or make happy to both of you.
Except one thing..,
deciding whether the relationship is temporary or permanent..???
we should cut off or carry on..or let it be, whatever it is !!!
In life there are times, when its you and your partner just both of have to decide or rather i should say not to decide anything just be with each each other, that is the purpose of relationship to be there through each ups and downs through thick and thin..!!!
This silent or unsaid resonance between two persons grow gradually over a period of time as they care for each other.., as they laugh, live & love<3<3<3
Its a pact..between them, understanding is the bridge between hearts & backbone of any relationship..just hang in there to make it a success..!!!
But, what if just one of them hang in there to make it a success and other just forgets the resonance and leave the other one..this is life, accepting the truth with a smile on face for the love, for the pact, the Resonance towards your life and your happiness..<3<3<3

Live, laugh & yourself to life<3<3<3

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