Friday, August 2, 2013


We all are not only happy but blessed people and we blessed people are usually not satisfied or happy with our life. Just because of our conception or perception about life, which is nothing but his(GOD) blessing(REHMAT)..!!!

What is life???
Life is nothing but God's blessing and gift to you and gifts are never equated, especially when its a gift from someone special. That someone special who is with you throughout your life., through life's each phase good or bad. Through thick and thins. He is always there for you, sometimes being your parents sometimes your friend and sometime you yourself. He is there because he know that you will always compare your gift with others like a child and will end up being unhappy.

Your perception of life is the difference of opinion between you and GOD., what he wants for you is your destiny and what you want for yourself is just your desire. Being human we always want to achieve all our desire and being selfish we don't want to sacrifice a single thing. But remember he is the writer and director of the story called Life and we are merely the actors., he knows the whole story from beginning till the end. He takes each decision of our life keeping the end of the story in the mind., we just have to believe in his decision and give our best shot in each phase of each story this too will have a Happy Ending. Each story is a collection of many small events connected together your life will be a collection of stories. Not all the stories will have happy ending as you "DESIRE" but he will make sure that every story will connect to each other in a way that in the end you will be free from all your so called "DESIRE" and will cherish your life.., Truly it is worth living the way he wanted..<3

Our belief system should be that our paths are drawn for us. We're here to learn and grow to follow that path. By accepting that, we choose how we come into this life to live and through the lessons learned in life we make the journey on that path a HAPPY experience. Some people have difficult path than others., because they choose the path less traveled.,
Keep learning., Keep laughing., Stay happy n make others too..!!!

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